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Spokesperson Bruce Brown Entergy Meter Services EGSI said  “We believe that adding the smart stop to our fleet vehicles will help reduce the number of rear end collisions. It’s a cost effective solution. When our trucks are in the repair shops as a result of accidents, it's costing our company money. Anything we can do to raise visibility of our vehicles is a good thing. The product installs in no time at all.  We were happy with the tests we carried out."

Hi guys,  Just a note to thank you for the flasher. It has been on a while now on my Miata (2000) and it works great. I really like that it flashes quickly. I bought it to replace the Brake Light Flasher I bought from Serious Auto that was advertised (New On The Market) on the It worked as advertised but it flashed very slowly. Like one flash per second or so. Like an older American car turn signal. Very lazy.

I liked the safety idea of the flashing light so when I saw yours I decided to give it a try.

I live in Anchorage Alaska where it is dark all winter as well as usually icy roads so anything to make my little car easier to see is helpful. Your flasher is MUCH better!

Thanks again James

WOW!  Thanks for your speedy service and great product.I placed my order on a Monday and Friday it arrived.  I did the easy install on Saturday and am pleased with your product. I have it on my 1935 Chevrolet Standard Coach hot rod as the third brake light.  I ordered the delay unit and really like the way it works.  It is far better than the ones that come as standard equipment on the new cars that flash each time the brake is applied.

Thanks for a great, easy to install, safety item for my hot rod.

Don Erickson
Salem  OR

Last year I was in a bad rear-ender accident in my Honda Insight. Traffic on the 91 freeway in Southern California often moves at 80+MPH and then in a few 100 yards drops down to 0 MPH and then back up to 80+ again. As I slowed down from speed, the car behind me obviously did not see my brake lights come on and hit me while he was still at speed. This is exactly the kind of accident I always feared. Stopping in plenty of time myself but then being plowed by an inattentive driver from behind. Honestly all my race car and other driving experience meant nothing. I was a sitting duck.

In my case it was an unlicensed uninsured driver in a large 1980's Oldsmobile. To make things more interesting he fled the accident on foot and was caught later. I was pretty fortunate to suffer no physical injury in the accident. I can't be sure the Smart Stop device would have prevented this accident but I do believe it would have helped. In a sea of regular and center mounted red brake lights, it will definitely make things much more visible.

I have obtained the Smart Stop recently for two of my cars and plan to put it on all the cars in the family. On the first one I installed I wrote them an e-mail with a technical question about the device and received a timely e-mail back. Another company I wrote to responded with an cryptic e-mail that revealed that they were just an importer of the device and had no idea how to hook it up or if it would work on my car. I'm sure that after-sale support would be pretty non-existent.

Consequently, I recommend the Smart Stop as the best center brake light management device - these folks know their product and their electronics!

Richard Lewis
Southern California

Great product it took only 15 minutes for my dad to install the smart stop and it works great.

Kate Howard Joplin MO.

"I would definitely recommend these products. After installing the One Touch Lane Changer in my car, I liked it so much that I decided to install it on all my family vehicles.  I immediately saw the benefits of the KAHTEC product s so now I recommend them and sell my customers on the benefits.  Plus, they're all easy to install."

Matthew Hazlett - President TPWS Inc., Austin's Premier Porsche Specialist.

Just wanted to drop a line and say I fitted my one touch lane changer three weeks ago, to my BMW 325i 2001 Y reg.  Great little gadget.  Has a purpose too.....
Thanks !

Mark Beltcher, UK

This was my first purchase online so I was a little nervous until I received my Blinking Smart Lane Changer.  It put it into my Toyota with no problems.  It is so easy to use that I find myself using my turn signals a lot more than before.  The only problem is that when I drive my wife's car I find myself One-Touching it's turn signal switch (nothing happens) without thinking.  I guess I need to buy another one.

Darren Cain,  Orange County CA

I was interested with what the guy from Entergy had to say about the blinking smart stop as a owner of a small business in Trenton Canada I thought I would try it on one of our service vehicles. It worked great easy install so I ordered 9 more to fit out all service vehicles.

Great stuff

Max  Green Lawn Systems

Great product!!! Your Blinking Smart Stop is it worked just as it was advertised!!! The instructions were clear to the mechanic (that's me), had no problems fitting the. It worked great the first time.  I think it is a great safety item. I'll be back looking for more great products!  Thank you.

K.B., UK

Hello, wanted to let you know that I received my order promptly!  My husband fitted the lane changer; I love it.  It's great for driving, making me and my family safer and no more rude gestures.  My husband loves it and has ordered one for his truck.  I will recommend your company whenever I can.

Kim Gieger.,  Jolliet IL

I wanted to let you know that I fitted the One touch lane changer in my AUDI A6 I was concerned that it would interfere with my on board computer as the computer tells if the indicator bulb is not working, you were right it does not mess with the cars electric the product works great I told my girlfriend to get one

Darren .Cahill.,  Manitoba Canada

Bonjour Just a short message to let you know that the One Touch Smart Lane Changer product ordered on your website have arrived in perfect condition.  It took me 20 minutes to install it on my Peugeot 507.  Excellent.

P.Henry., France