Smart Stop - Anti Sleep Driving Alarm Features

If you’re the type of person that tends to catch 40 winks at the wheel of your car then you could probably do with something that isn’t a dump truck travelling at 55mph coming through your windshield, to keep you awake or put you to sleep for ever.

If your not Blinking Smart - Be Bleeping Smart

Key Benefits

  • Cure Sleepiness right away
  • To avoid traffic accidents caused by drowsiness
  • The internal audio will sound when head drops down
  • Low cost
  • Great aid for shift workers

How Does It Work

Simply switch it on and place over your ear as your head drops approximately, 30 degrees. The auditable alarm will sound.

Anti-Sleep Driving Alarm - Just place over your ear.

Driving when drowsy is a feeling that every motorist knows. The danger is greatest on long stretches of road when concentration drops and the urge for a rest grows stronger. This can often lead to a driver falling asleep at the wheel - a situation which can have fatal consequences. Every year, numerous road accidents are caused by tiredness.

The Bleeping Smart Stop - Anti-Sleep Driving Alarm. You wear this Ultra light ear piece over your ear and every time your head bobs down it emits a high-pitched alarm to snap you back into reality. Not as much fun as six cups of coffee and 12 caffeine pills but probably better for you.

The danger is particularly acute when driving on roads and highways, where long, straight stretches coupled with the monotony of the landscape or no landscape at night which increases the risk of drowsiness.

At these kind of prices why take a chance Order Now.

Originally designed for long distance truck drivers, the Anti Sleep Driving Alarm is a device that fits on your head, sitting behind your ear. The second your head tilts at a 30 degree angle, you will be jolted awake with a high pitched alarm.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), sleepy drivers are responsible for about 100.000 crashes resulted in 1.500 deaths and 72,000 injuries each year. This recent research found that the reaction time of a sleepy driver is similar to those who drunk alachol. The legal system quickly identified sleepy drivers with a drunk drivers (the so-called "Maggie's Law") and established a huge fine.

Americans sleep at least 1.5 hours less than they should. Chronic night sleep deprivation causes microsleep during daytime. The most frequent causes of accidents are not obvious sleep urges. The majority of people do pull over when they feel sleepy, but they could not recognize microsleep attacks. Physiologically, they are similar to stage 1NREM sleep when the person misses his/her exits, has daydreams superimposed on reality and just for a second is loosing control.

What Your Order Includes

  • A 100% operationally tested Bleeping Smart Stop - Anti-Sleep Driving Alarm
  • Complete operational Instructions
  • Quick delivery within 2-3 days
  • Emailed receipt and customer support
  • 15 Day Risk Free Money Back Warranty.