Smart Stop Installation Giude


You do not need to be Technical to install these products
Tools Reqd.
Screwdriver, pliers/cutters 
Difficulty rating scale 2 out of 10
For Versions Standard, Delay and Intelligent

  I. Description

Applying your brakes will cause your existing third brake light to blink rapidly approximately 6 times and then stay on solid as long as you have your foot on the brake pedal once you release the brake the unit then resets.

  II. Features

  • Size: 1" x 2" x 0.5" (26mm x 51mm x 13mm)

  • Operating Voltage: 12 Volts DC

  • Operating Temp: -30șC to +70șC

  • Max Power Rating 6amps

  • Max Power Consumption: 1W

   III. Circuit Diagram

new version


    IV. Installation 

  1. Locate access to the third brake light wires. The easiest access to them is from where you
    change the existing bulb or LED bar.

  2. Place a “Quick Connect” connector over positive (+) side wire going to the third brake light
    and insert the Red wire. Using the pliers, squeeze the metal splice to secure the wires and then
    snap the cover closed.

  3. Place a “Quick Connect” connector over the same positive (+) side wire going to the third brake
    light but between where you attached the Red wire and light. Insert the Blue wire and squeeze and
    snap as before.

  4. Place a “Quick Connect” connector over the negative (-) side wire (any chassis ground) and insert
    the black wire. Squeeze and snap as before.

  5. Cut the positive (+) side wire between where you attached the Red and Blue wires from the
    Smart Stop.

  6. Bond the Smart Stop inside somewhere out of the way with double-sided tape away from areas
    of high temperature, moisture and water leakage.

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